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[15 Jan 2015|01:29pm]

First of all. This journal belongs to a multi system group of people but is technically run by the physical host. We like to add people everyone in a while. This post is just about her and what she likes. If you have any questions about us, please read our profile before adding. Thanks!


My name is Kristina and I am 32 years. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and fur family as well. I mostly like to write about spiritual and soulbonding but occasionally off-line stuff too. I have a lot of off-line support now but I still enjoy connecting with people on Livejournal. If I rub off on you the wrong way, I apologize but my profile is very blunt and honest though.
Besides that.

I'm huge into fandom. I don't write FanFiction as much anymore but I do still love to support my series. Modern shows I enjoy are Sleepy Hollow, the Blacklist , Person of Interests, R,L Stine's : A Haunting Hour, NCIS, and Helix Once Upon A Time. I still really likeLaw and Order : S.V.U, FRIENDS, Are You Afraid of the Dark? MAd About You, American Pickers, and Pawn Stars. I also love cartoons and anime plus manga. I'm from the 80's 90's branch era but I'm trying to get caught up on stuff.

Music includes Amy Lee/Evanescence, Hans Zimmer, Owl City, Josh Gorban, the Fray, Colm Wilkinson, Goo Goo Dolls, David Bowie, Elviss, Frank Sinatra, Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Sting, Coldplay.
Musicals: the Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Miserables, most Disney movies, Into the Woods (stage) , Pans Labyrinth,the Conspirator, Now You SeeMe, Jurassic Franchise Series, Planet of the Apes Franchise Series, Indiana Jones Franchise Series, the Goonies, Somewhere In Time, Labyrinth.

I won't lie I love to read books. I'm really into the Divergent Series,the Program and the Treatment by Suzanne Young ), the Middle Earth World on a whole, V.C.Andrews. Rex Stout, the Face on the Milk Cartoon Series, Holly Black, the Silver Metal Lover.

There are a whole bunch more books I love to read but I feel I should only squeeze in so much.

I don't really know what I would call myself spiritually but I have friends from all walks of life though. I enjoy reading tarot and oracle decks and working with energy.

I go through spurts with LiveJournal . Sometimes I/we post a lot and other times we don't. We've been busy lately and it's just been busy but we hope to post more in the future again.
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[07 Nov 2014|10:09pm]

NAME: Kristina

AGE: 32

INTERESTS & Hobbies:

Loom Knitting
Hanging Out With Friends

LOOKING FOR: Would really love some new friends here. Been on livejournal off and on for ten years. I try to post on a regular basics.

ANYTHING ELSE: Pet friendly, totally love animals. I do have mild to sever health problems as well. I do have filters for my journal too, sorry. It is on the spiritual side of things form time to time.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius / Pisces Cusps

Relationship Status: Single

What I Love: My parents, my sister, my brother, my friends, my animals, tranquility, being artistic, staying active, books.

What I Hate: Anxiety attacks, depression, loosing people I care about, people not being open enough to see outside your'e point of view, Modern Day Hollywood ( the way people act there ! ) , racism, sexisim.

T.V Series: The Original Dark Shadows Series, Law and Order Franchise Series , the Musketeers, My Little Pony, Friends, Boy Meets World, Beauty and the Beats ( original series ), the X-Files, the Outer Limits, Star Trek : the Next Generation, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, Fraiser, the Blacklist, Masters of Horror, Rose Red, Mysteries at the Museum, Murder, She Wrote, Golden Girls, Matlock, NCIS Franchise Series, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Chowder, Courage the Cowderly Dog, Scooby-Doo, the Fairly Odd Parents, Batman the Animated Series, Spongebob Square Pants, Johnny Test, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Family Feud, Elementary.

Movies: Apollo 13, Now You See Me, Pan's Labyrinth, the Conspirator, Jurassic Park Franchise Series, Les Miserables, Maleficent, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, the Lion King-Lion King 2-Lady and the Tramp-Aladin (etc Disney movies. ) , X-Men movies, Transofmers 1-3, Marvel and D.C Movies, Twister, Kingdom of Heaven, the Patriot, Jumanji, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Hook, Indiana Jones series, Planet of the Apes Franchise series, National Treasure 1 & 1, Imitation of Life, the Breakfast Club, the Goonies, Beetlejuice, the Neverending Story, the Princess Bride, Brigadoon, the King and I, Jesus Christ Super Star, Rent, the Devil's Carnival, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, D-Lovely, Blues Brothers/Blues Brothers 2000, Save the Last Dance, Red Dragon, the Wizard of O.Z, Remember the Titans, Gravity, Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit, Snow White and the Huntsmen, O.Z the Great and Powerful, Dawn of the Dead ( 2006 ), The descent, Halloween Franchise,White Zomibe, the Mephisto Waltz, Final Destination Franchise Series, Amadeus.

Music: Adele, Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Soundtracks , Amy Lee, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Uwe Kroger, Skillet, Christina Agullaera, Hans Zimmer, Styx, P!nk, Maroon 5, Disturbed, Queen, Radiohead, Bon Jovi, Sting, Sarah Brightman.

Broadway: the Phantom of the Opera, Elizabeth das Musical, Les Miserables,

Books: Susan Kay's "Phantom", Divergent Series, the Once and Future King, the Program Series, the Chronicles of Narnia, Phantom of the Opera, Marie Antoinette, the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings/the Slimarlillon, A Christmas Carlo, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Janie Johnson Series, the Silver Kiss.
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[16 Oct 2014|05:45pm]

I have been on LJ off and on for ten years.
I like to hang out at book stores, and spending time with my friends. I am very family oriented and we have a lot of animals. I used to love writing FanFiction and making icons, been thinking about getting back into that but not sure yet. I love fandom very much. Love the Divergent Series, Sleepy Hollow, and the Black List. To name a few. I don't post as often but at least a few times a week. I do have filters for my journal now, so let me know if you would like to read those.

I'm kind of weird and open minded. I like horror movies a lot and historical drama.

I just now started to learn how to do loom knitting . My other hobbies are reading , writing, drawing/sketching and painting.
I don't know what to call myself Spiritually but I enjoy tarot and oracle reading. I do believe in other beings, spirits and energy.

Please add if you wish, I don't bite.

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Looking for ppl to talk to [22 Apr 2014|09:49pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Looking for ppl to talk to

I think the title explains it.
Don't know what to say about me. :)

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[05 Nov 2012|12:16am]

My name is Sarah. To me, age is completely irrelevant. 

I'm curious of perception, reality, neurology, psychology, physics, matter, consciousness, subconsciousness, the 5 circuit model of consciousness, Timothy Leary, Terence Mckenna, Sam Harris, Jacque Fresco, aesthetics, metaphysics, psychedelics, drugs in general, society, culture, OBE's, lucid dreaming, meditation, contemplation, psychoanalysis, and most importantly, my infatuation with death and other mysteries. If you want to know more interests look at my profile or add me.


That is me pooping in my pants while on the toilet.

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[21 Sep 2012|07:39pm]

I am searching for new friends. The name I go by is RoseMary. I do have filters in my journal. I recently got rid of a whole bunch of stuff due to a lot of reasons. One being fake LJ people adding me. I want real friends and friends who are active and write a lot on LJ.com. So about me.

Music: Linkin Park, Sarah Brightman, Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Hans Zimmer, Journey, Zen Meditation Music, Avril Lavigne, Amy Lee, Demi Lovato, Annie Lennox, Sarah McLachlan, Maroon 5.
Books/Writers: V.C Andrews, Anne Rice, the Batman Files, Susan Kay's Phantom, the Silver Metal Lover, J.R.R Tolkien.
Movies: the Last Unicorn, Batman Beings, Dark Knight Rises, the Avengers,1776,Classic Horror Films,/Horror Movies, B Movies, The Conspirator, 90 Disney Movies, Legend, Labyrinth, Jumanji, Jurassic Park, Clue: the Movie, the Princess Bride, the Blues Brothers 2000, the Mothman Prophecies.
T.V Shows: Batman the Animated Series, the Twilight Zone, Fear Factor, Gargoyles, Law and Order Franchise Series, the X-Files, the Outer Limits.
Religion: Pagan
I am a disabled adult and still live with my parents and grandfather. I have V.C.F.S/22q, severe stress problems, paranoia, social anxiety, and cerebral palsy. I also admit that I am obsessed. I want to get better but it's difficult. I write a lot about health, depression, family , and movies. I love the cinema. I enjoy watching horror movies, drama and musicals. I enjoy listing to a lot of soundtracks, pop and musicals ( of course ) . Spiritual wise I am Pagan but would like to be Wiccan. Also sort of looking for a spiritual teacher if at all possible. I believe in things like twin flames, spirits, ghosts, other worlds. I write a lot about my other worlds a lot in my journal. It's my primary focus , unless I am writing about physical family stuff. I enjoy talking about being across the veil . Tarot and other types of readings. That kind of thing.

I can be relatively eccentric at times. I don't like loud things or being in crowds but in general though I think I am a good person. I love music and books very much. My aspiration is to be an author and I studied music for twenty years.
Hope to meet some of you soon.
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hello [08 Aug 2012|12:17pm]

My name is John.  I am 30 and I live in Michigan.  I like to read, listen to music (hard rock, metal, industrial), watch court shows and Adult Swim.  Some of my most favorite bands are Rammstein, Korn, Blue Felix, Tenacious D, Slipknot, and Orgy.  My favorite books are The Kingkiller Chronicles, any Stephen King novels, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Hunger Games.   I like to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero on PS3.  My favorite TV shows are Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, Judge Judy, almost everything on Adult Swim, Yes Dear, and King of Queens.  My favorite movies are Liar Liar, Mr Deeds, and The Mask.  I am looking for some LiveJournal friends.  :) 
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Mолния: КАТАСТРОФА НАТО САМОЛЁТА [20 Mar 2012|12:29am]

Оригинал у ruriktochkase в КАТАСТРОФА НАТО САМОЛЁТА

READ MORECollapse )

KARTACollapse )
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Laura, 29, South Australia [30 Dec 2011|12:52am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi there! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Laura. I am a 29 year old Australian, 3 years married to a German and Mum to a 2 year old baby boy. I am a qualified barrister and solicitor but, for now, I am delighted to be able to stay at home and care for my family whilst running an online organic gift business. My husband is a traditional stonemason/sculptor. My son is sweet with a great sense of humor. I am in danger of having our apartment being taken over by cars and trains, thanks to the both of them. I resist by buying bird ornaments, ice-mint green accessories and planning birthday parties with a duck theme.

I love reading, Stephen King being my all-time literary hero. I also love music, being an unashamed Oasis and Noel Gallagher fan for more than ten years. As for movies, I used to be a die-hard horror fan but time has softened my stomach just a tad in that regard. I now need the lights on. I am, however, horrified by most chick-flicks and avoid them in all illuminations. 'The Lord of the Rings' is still my favourite. TV doesn't do much for me, aside from 'Game of Thrones', 'The Walking Dead' and my dearly departed 'LOST'. Animals and children are my weaknesses, along with iced coffee, (but for a different reason, obviously).

Anyone is welcome to add me, be they of friendly disposition and so inclined!
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lets friend ykristianna! [26 Oct 2011|01:00am]


lets friend an interesting user, with lots of interesting articles about politics, traveling, history, showbiz, police etc.etc.. below you can read extract from the latest in ykristianna
 в air baltic - шведская сказка по-новому more info under the cut

Read more...Collapse )
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зажглась ещё одна LJ-звёздочка - ykristianna [20 Aug 2011|12:26am]


на пространстве жж зажглась ещё одна (пока) маленькая звёздочка,[info]ykristianna 
несмотря на то что её жж всего год с небольшим, за это короткое время уже целый ряд её постов
успел побывать в различных топах и жж-таймс. Кто скрывается за этим ником? Матёрая журналистка или Талантливый новичёк? Не знаю. Но то каким образом ей удаётся в постах затрагивать самые острые, горячие, спорные темы, включая политику, кавказ и геноцид, при этом оставаясь на высоте говорит о многом. А тот факт что в журнале допускаются комменты полностью идущие в разрез с мнением автора -
говорит обо всём остальном ;)

Так что прошу любить, френдить, комментить и жаловать [info]ykristianna 

из самого свежего: мнение относительно статьи  ykristianna ( геноцид турок   над армянами )
[info]ykristianna - как Вы расцениваете мнение Брейвика по поводу армянского геноцида?

[info]ruriktochkase. -Если Гитлер считал что мыться это хорошо, то изза этого мы должны считать что мытся это плохо? А если человек считает что мытся это хорошо, то он получается фашист? или покрайне мере симпатизёр фашистким идеям? (оригинал инфо o Брейвикe у ruriktochkase в Террористы УРОДЫ ! ! ! 

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friends? [25 Apr 2011|01:50pm]

i live with my "best friend" veronica. we have a pretty intense love/hate relationship. also living with us is her boyfriend shawn, his two boys johnathan(12) and tyler(10), and their baby girl shawna(8mos). i post about them frequently as sadly i have no other friends.

i work at "java junction espresso coffee cafe" - by myself. my aunt owns it, i run it. monday-friday, 7am-3pm.

i tend to be pretty apathetic towards most things in my life. if i ever post about feelings those feelings usually change almost instantly. i move on. i get over it. i do however have a pretty bad broken heart, which i don't like to talk about. the pieces must be strewn about the whole universe as its been four years and i still can't seem to mend it.

in my journal i am slightly crude and inconsiderate. i am not religious and i like to swear. i smoke pot and i hate overly sensitive people. i'm not mean though! i would never post rude comments or correct your grammar as much as it kills me. take that as your official warning. ;)

my interests include but are not limited to:
naps in the sun
cats, especially mine, and doggies
black ops
sleeping as much as possible
summer and everything to do with it
naps with my kitty
music, concerts, festivals
naps by myself
naps in general
just sleeping all the time. yeah.
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[04 Apr 2011|06:22pm]

i'm tessa. eighteen. i have too many cameras & enjoy building forts. i like road trips & exploring. i love history & horror movies. i'm a nerd.

my journal is almost entirely made up of pictures (in every entry). also what's going on in my life & occasional art & poetry. i'm especially interested in other creatively themed journals. but i'm open to getting to know anyone. i'm not the most frequent commenter because i don't have a ton of time for lj like i used to, but i will always return a comment if you comment me. of course, i'll try to comment otherwise as well, especially if you're new on my list. i've sucked at lj for like a year, haha, but i'm trying to get back into it so i'd like some awesome new friends to get to know. =] hit me up somehow, add me, i'll add you back.

plus one picCollapse )
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френдим/friending mudraya_marina. из последнего/from the latest: [16 Dec 2010|12:31am]

френдим/friending mudraya_marina. из последнего/from the latest:
Originally posted by [info]mudraya_marina at Где она, неприкосновенность журналистов?.. Прочитала здесь: ruriktochkase.livejournal.com/13501.html 20 ноября съемочная группа телекомпании Russia Today была арестована американскими властями во время съемок многотысячной протестной акции возле военной базы США Форт Беннинг в штате Джорджия. Журналистам российского телеканала предъявили обвинения в участии в неразрешенном массовом мероприятии и отказе подчиниться полиции. Корреспондент RT была скована пластиковыми наручниками за спиной, травмировали корреспонденту руку, затем задержанные были доставлены в тюрьму, где их поместили в камеры к отбывающим наказание уголовникам. У журналистов конфисковали личные вещи, одежду, взамен им выдали тюремные робы. 32 часа они пробыли в камере заключения, включая 6-ти часовой допрос, после которого обвинения в участии в несанкционированном митинге не были сняты. Трудно представить, что было бы если бы где-то кто-то задержал, скажем, американских журналистов Си-Эн-Эн или Би-Би-Си...Если бы Mathew Chance (корреспондент. "CNN" в Москве) хоть пальцем кто-то тронул, то весь мир бы на ушах стоял, и эфир был бы завален сообщениями о том, какие ужасные русские. Почему же русские не должны об этом говорить, когда кто-то давит журналистов за пределами РФ?
Даешь неприкосновенность журналистов!
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дружим? / add me. [10 Nov 2010|05:35pm]

дружим? / add me. из последнего / latest : побриться что ли?! Иду сегодня по городу, собираюсь интервью в мосульманском раёне зделать. Девушки смотрят - приииятно ;) Причём даже те кто с детьми, тоже смотрят.Ну, что поделать если я сегодня просто не отразим?Я им естественно улыбаюсь в ответ. Прохожу чуть дальше мимо кафе. МУЖИКИ смотрят.причём не так довольно пристально. Старик какой-то мимо проходит, и так полу уважительно, полу одобрительно кивает.Ну, наверное доволен что я его пропустил в узком месте тротуара. Угу, ещё и вежливый :) И это замечают. ЗДОРОВО! :) Прохожу мимо киоска у автобусной остановки. Там уже чёрнокожий джентельмен, эдак метров двух, не просто смотрит, а ПЯЛИТСЯ! побриться что ли?! Тут уже как то ммм... так ... ммм... не по себе  немного.  *камера в рюкзаке, раён стрёмный, если "обувать" начнут, я конечно просто так ничего не отдам, но фиг за меня кто "впишется". Осматриваюсь . . . 3аскакиваю в киоск. Весь киоск оклеян газетными афишами с приметами одного из терористов/терориста.
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friending LJ ruriktochkase [06 Nov 2010|12:26am]

френдим [info]ruriktochkase 
посты из Шведции и о Шведции. из последнего:
освещение terror-style! Теперь у нас будут самые яркие выстрелы!
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[19 Oct 2010|12:34pm]

все желающие добавляйтесь в друзья ко мне в ЖЖ ohrimka89 пишу о разном.  О всём что меня интересует.
Кто добавить в друзья отвечу взаимностью.

Группа посвящена пиару своих ЖЖ и Сообществ piar_jj 
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[30 Sep 2010|01:41pm]

все желающие добавляйтесь в друзья ко мне в ЖЖ ohrimka89 пишу о разном.  О всём что меня интересует.
Кто добавить в друзья отвечу взаимностью.

Группа посвящена пиару своих ЖЖ и Сообществ piar_jj 
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